For Physicians By Physicians:

• We speak their language and are also fluent in our industry partners’

Our Experience:

• We design and deliver over 250 exceptional educational activities, of various formats, per year in Canada and the US

• Our collaborators include all major academic institutions and universities in Canada.

• In the US, our close collaborators include Harvard, Duke and the Universities of Maryland and Michigan. Additionally, our work with the ACCME and the ABIM has provided us with an opportunity to exceed Canadian regulatory requirements in HC education

It’s all about RELATIONSHIPS:

• We have an established network of key primary care physicians and specialists with one of the industry’s best response ratios – We are NOT an agency: Our medical leadership team provides access to “hard” to engage OLs

• D1-D4 physicians represent the majority of our network

• Policy makers are bringing physician-industry relationships into sharper focus and scrutiny. MD Primer Inc. is the perfect medium to manage and maintain these relationships.

Our Programs:

• Are always ….INNOVATIVE + designed on an academic foundation to facilitate quality improvement in practice, based on adult learning principles, in adherence with all applicable guidelines and are of practical value to the target audience.

• We maintain a complete understanding of the current guidelines and policies and are committed to following them in all of our educational initiatives