Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis

We are experts at assessing medical education needs and developing strategies to meet those needs. As we develop a needs assessment, we look beyond disease state prevalence and epidemiology and seek to find identifiable gaps in clinician knowledge, attitudes, and behavior; the difference between established clinical guidelines and real-world practice.

The research initiatives of our sister company, the Canadian Heart Research Centre, facilitates unrestricted access to an enhanced understanding of contemporary Canadian data in various disease states (over 50,000 patient database)

Once the gaps in care have been identified, we work with our extended network of OLs to design learning objectives that, once achieved, will fill the established needs. What’s more, we are moving forward with outcomes measurements to ensure that all our activities achieve an impact on the clinician.

Bottom-line: Declarative knowledge (physician “knows”) is so last year!
- We strive for procedural knowledge (physician “knows how”), competence (physician “shows how”) and most importantly performance (physician “does”)

Relationships with Stakeholders


Our reputation for excellence among expert faculty gives us access to cutting-edge expertise across a broad range of therapeutic areas. We produce educational events that have been described as “innovative, appropriate, and ahead of the curve.” Our activities are always well organized, and we make sure that all project details are clearly and consistently communicated with all relevant parties.


High-quality content is of little use without an audience to benefit from it. We own a proprietary database of 67,000+ physicians (across all specialties) with full contact information, including many with opt-in email. We develop personalized, strategic recruitment plans for each activity, which may include direct mail, personalized phone invitations, fax, and e-mail invitations in addition to printed invitations provided to sponsor representatives.



Choice is the new reach. Today's content needs to be made available on a wide variety of platforms to ensure accessiblity, including Web sites, mobile phones, tablets, CDs, DVDs, and Flash drives.

We use internal technology resources to develop cutting-edge programs efficiently, leveraging initial assets through all appropriate media, reaching the widest possible health care audience.

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Plexus Capabilities:

•  Customization: By Brand/ By Program
•  Administration: User Profiles and Rights
•  Event Management: Scope and Logistics
•  Target Audience: Management and List Organization
•  OLs: Speaker Management and Training
•  Materials and Resources: Customization and Management
•  Accreditation Management: QuickConnect Integration
•  Budget: Management and Tracking
•  Automated Features
•  Outcome Measurement
•  Reporting

Sales Force Interface: Password protected access for head office, sales managers, specialty and primary care representative users. The interface allows users to manage and track all logistical components of activities (invite confirmed OLs and primary care participants, manage RSVPs, print individualized program specific and general materials, communicate with stakeholders, report on program status, and view participant progress in the additional program components).

Participant Interface (PCPs): Password protected access for primary care physicians. Each participant has access to an individual portal. The portal contains a dashboard tracking their progress and reminders for “action items”. Ethics required documents. Participants are able to enter the chart audit data electronically, view their individual aggregate results, design improvement plans, access program materials (slides, pocket books, risk calculators and videos).

Speaker Interface: Password protected and individualized access for OLs. Contains information pertinent to their program (date, location etc…), program materials (slides, aggregate chart audit results, facilitator guide), virtual train the trainer sessions for those unable to attend or in lieu of live meetings, payee forms, contact details for their local representative, ability to schedule one-on-one training with a member of the planning committee.

All registered users have access to a secure webpage which allows for them to track and manage the program components pertinent to their individual participation

Automatic reminders and cues will be generated to keep all users on track